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Claire Besset

Digital & Growth Marketing Director

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May 11, 2021

There’s a lot of confusion around CRM and marketing terms. It doesn’t help that a lot of them have been appropriated by vendors or repurposed from other trades.
This unvarnished CRM marketing dictionary is an attempt to shed light on some of these concepts.

Disclaimer: we’re partial to true customer-centricity.

Stay tuned, we’ll keep on adding more definitions!



Clever concept invented by acquisition marketing teams to justify their lion’s share of marketing budgets. Still underexploited by CRM teams. Picking the right attribution model is crucial.

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Batch And Blast


A.K.A Spam. Campaigns sent to everyone regardless of whether they are actually interested in what you have to talk about. The opposite of customer-centric marketing.



[current data puzzle]

Customer Data Platform or Customer Data Prison?
To be chosen wisely.

You don’t want to end up locked-in to a single vendor’s marketing suite…
…when the goal is to unlock the power of your first party data.

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Hated by the public, heavily relied upon by marketers.
Doomed to extinction.

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[customer-centric. sometimes.]

Often mistaken for “Craft Repetitive Messages”.
Obviously, it’s not. It’s the art of delighting each customer every day, whether that means three touchpoints or shutting the f* up.

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A marketer’s holy grail. Eternally out of reach due to company politics, goals, and constraints.
Or is it?

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There’s the junk mail going straight to spam, good newsletters in your promotions tab, and then there are awesome newsletters that are allowed in your inbox, like Tinyclues’. Subscribe here!



High on the hype cycle. Thought by many to be the silver bullet for marketers. In reality, will bury you under suitcases forever because you bought one for a friend a year ago.

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Rule-based Targeting


The art of putting customers in boxes. Also, the best way to introduce human bias in your CRM strategy. Better than no targeting but very 1980s.

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Skyscraper Email

[too long]

Self-explanatory. Omnibus campaign relied on by too many CRM teams. Category managers dread for their product to be anywhere below the 2nd fold, aka “nobody ever scrolled this far”.

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SOS sent by consumers drowning in irrelevant emails. Often dismissed by marketers (“My unsubscribe rate is so low”). In reality, can cost you millions before you realize there’s a problem

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Vendor lock-in


Buying a CDP from a traditional Martech vendor without reading the fine print might get you into one.

Consequences: Inability to choose best-of-breed marketing solutions, lack of agility, immediate loss of competitiveness.

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