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Predictive Marketing is NOT the Cherry on the Cake

A predictive marketing solution isn't just the cherry on the marketing cake – it's actually one of the key ingredients.

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December 21, 2016

Getting the marketing for your e-commerce website right is a little bit like getting a cake recipe right. Each ingredient has a role to play and if you forget one of them, the end-product could be eine totale Katastrophe. For marketing campaigns, predictive targeting is often viewed as an additional extra, a nice to have, or something that should be done once the basics are in place. Big mistake! Predictive marketing isn’t just the cherry on the marketing cake – it’s actually one of the key ingredients. Predictive marketing will help you pep up the creative side of your marketing strategy in order to meaningfully improve the revenue generated by your campaigns.

The marketing of e-commerce websites: a 3 step recipe

To set up an effective CRM strategy, marketers have to master the following three steps of the recipe.

Step one: prepare the basic cake mix by combining the key ingredients:

  • an e-commerce platform to register orders and manage your catalogue
  • a customer database which will grow progressively
  • an email automation tool

Step two: once you’ve got those tools in place, you can choose to add additional ingredients for a more elaborate marketing strategy. These solutions can help you manage:

  • site-visit stats – free with Google Analytics or with a level-2 tool to personalize your analysis
  • a unique client frame of reference for a 360° customer overview – a must-have in retail
  • the setup of a DMP (Data Management Platform)
  • the enhancement of customer data in order to gain customer insight, model churn rates, tailor recommendations, reactivate a customer base…

Now for step three of the recipe: the icing. It is the essential final touch, a must-have for the cake, just like some of these emailing practices:

  • basic personalization in generic campaigns
  • trigger scenarios such as shopping cart reminders, birthday prompts or cross-selling offers.

What about predictive marketing solutions?

In baking, as in marketing, the more complicated the recipe, the longer it takes. It’s not unusual for marketers to have to wait 12 to 18 months to get their CRM environment in place. If you want to stay agile during this period and achieve some quick wins with significant and immediate ROI, you’d be wise to use a predictive marketing solution – the secret ingredient in your recipe. It will allow you to optimize the ROI of your marketing campaigns while your other projects are underway.

Set up your predictive marketing solutions early on and completely integrate them into your communications strategy. With Tinyclues’ predictive targeting – a tool that matches, within your customer base, ideal customers to your products or offers in the blink of an eye – you can:

  • Multiply your communications (by intensifying your marketing) and increase your revenue
  • Reduce the risk of customer fatigue and disengagement from your customers
  • Prevent lost revenue while you are migrating or installing new tools
  • Put some creativity and spice back into your campaigns. Without depending on technology or altering your existing tools, you’ll rediscover your autonomy, speed up your testing procedures and run campaigns that inspire you every day.

For which benefits?

Tinyclues’ predictive marketing tool is a prime example of a solution that you can integrate seamlessly and immediately. The setup is quick and easy – it’ll be ready to go way before your other CRM projects, before you’ve migrated your ecommerce platform or before you’ve created your DMP. Here’s how:

1. Quick and easy setup

There’s no technical migration and integration only takes a week (in comparison to the nine months it takes to create a DMP). And the setup doesn’t take up any of the IT budget or any CapEx investment.

2. Everyday autonomy

Tinyclues is designed so that marketing teams can run campaigns on their own. They won’t have to rely on IT teams or data science experts because it’s not connected with your website and it does not require technical plugins. Data uploading is done via a CSV file, even when you have several sources, and in an automated way.

3. Easy to get familiar with

In terms of features, the solution won’t replace your CRM or any tools you already have – it compliments them. Thus, you can very rapidly launch your first targeted campaigns.

4. Few requirements

There are hardly any technical requirements. However the solution won’t work for all e-commerce websites. For the best results, you need a pretty big customer base (about 100,000 contacts) and a broad range of products (at least several hundreds items in your catalogue).

Reap the benefits of predictive targeting solutions now! Put some creativity back into your campaigns and see a return in three months.

Want to find out more? Read about the benefits of predictive marketing in comparison to trigger and full-base emailing, how to increase your CRM email frequency without risking customer fatigue and how to use control groups to evaluate the profitability of your marketing strategy.

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