CRM Comic The Painfully Long Email

CRM Cartoon: the Painfully Long Email

This is how skyscraper emails (i.e., unnaturally long) come to life. But what happens to the unlucky products stuck at the very bottom?

Claire Besset

Digital & Growth Marketing Director

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June 10, 2021

Making emails longer is never the right solution, and yet, how many of these do we get every week?

Who decides what product will be stuck at the very bottom? Is it some form of hazing or revenge against category managers? Is it the toss of a coin? 

This is very puzzling to us here at Tinyclues.
Our power-users know that they can get infinitely better results by adding targeted campaigns for these additional products that need some customer love. It’ll only take 5 minutes to add the campaigns to the plan, and the category manager will actually thank you instead of going to cry over their 0 clicks (and 0 transactions).

What’s the strategy for dealing with this type of situation in your organization? Do you have a plan to move away from skyscraper emails?

If you need some advice to deal with this transition, drop a line! Ben is our VP of Customer Experience and an expert in all things CRM, and he loves nothing more than chatting with CRM peers.

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