CRM Cartoon The Hardest Problem in CRM

CRM Cartoon: The Hardest Problem in CRM

Customer-centricity is so hard, it’s almost funny. #RealLife.

Claire Besset

Digital & Growth Marketing Director

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June 18, 2021

Customer-centricity is hard.

It’s the ideal for all CRM teams, but short-term goals and company politics get all too often in the way. #RealLife.

Let’s be real, if your CEO says you need a revenue boost by next week to make the quarter’s revenue target, “No, I don’t want to spam our customers” is not an answer.

What you want to be able to say is, ‘Yes, I know exactly what we can do – we can identify some high-potential campaign topics to get us over the hump.”

Even better if you can pull up your Efficiency Map right then and there and add, “Actually, I’m doing it as we speak – look, handbags and outdoor furniture are the most promising campaigns to run in terms of revenue AND customer-centricity.” 

Tinyclues power-users know this feature well and use it to impress their CEOs every quarter 😉 

Interested in learning more? Watch this 3-minute video:

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