Why Tinyclues “Punches above its weight” according to Business Insider

Why Tinyclues “Punches above its weight” according to Business Insider

In July 2021, Tinyclues was featured as a top 15 most promising advertising & media start-up by Business Insider. Discover why.

Matt Engstrom

Product Marketing Director

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August 5, 2021

In July 2021, Tinyclues was featured as a top 15 most promising advertising & media start-up by Business Insider. If you have access to the publication, you can read the entire article here. They selected the top 15 based on feedback from Industry Analysts and VCs.

Building U.S. Momentum

Tinyclues’ inclusion in Business Insider highlights its commitment to expanding its CRM solution in the U.S. to new enterprise clients. We currently work with global brands such as Samsung, Accor, Sally Beauty, and Tiffany.

Additionally, Tinyclues’ technology has recently won both a Martech Breakthrough award for Best Enterprise CRM Solution and a Sammy award for Product of the Year. These wins along with the recognition from Business Insider show that Tinyclues’ solution is primed to offer value to an expanding roster of clients in the U.S. 

Why Tinyclues Was Selected

CRM Marketers have many options when it comes to selecting CRM technology solutions. From automated personalization, subject line optimization, data warehousing and structuring, delivery optimization, and more…the list goes on and on.

When it comes to CRM activation, many of these solutions are focused on proxy metrics that are theoretically tied to ROI but don’t necessarily deliver more sales. Others offer tons of features that, although may be impressive from a tech perspective, don’t actually offer tangible value for marketers and are difficult to integrate into a CRM marketing program.

Tinyclues is different. I could talk to you about the AI Tinyclues has built that is able to predict future buying intent with unmatched accuracy (our current win rate for A/B tests against competitors is 100%). But, the real magic of Tinyclues is the ability for marketers to apply that AI to build better CRM strategies and marketing planning.

Why Tinyclues “Punches above its weight” 

Clients see revenue gains 

According to Business Insider, “[Tinyclues] helps brands to improve the results of their campaigns, like predicting which offers people are most likely to respond to.” Tinyclues is designed to deliver results for enterprise clients, particularly within the Travel and Retail categories. 

Many other CRM companies are focused on open rates, clicks, engagement, etc. While these metrics are important when measuring the impact of full-funnel marketing activities, they don’t always directly lead to more sales and incremental revenue.

That’s why Tinyclues has built a solution that delivers more revenue for clients. By precisely predicting buying intent down to the SKU level for any offer in a client’s catalogue, marketers can use that information to increase revenue per campaign, send more targeted campaigns, unlock new revenue streams, and increase customer lifetime value.

Customers are more satisfied

There are lots of CRM solutions that focus on personalization of content, touchpoints, subject lines etc. And while there is a place for these solutions, the best way to elevate satisfaction is to ensure content is relevant.

When you accurately understand which customers are currently in the market for the offers you are selling, you can deliver campaigns that are relevant and increase conversions. 

When campaigns include offers that your customers want to buy, they are delighted. That’s why our clients see reductions in unsubscribes, opt-out rates, and increases in customer lifetime value as well as increases in reactivation rates of inactive customers.

Connectivity into existing systems

“[Tinyclues] also connects with marketing automation technologies more easily than similar solutions,” according to Business Insider. In short, Tinyclues plays very well with others. When it comes to 1st-party data, Tinyclues can connect directly into a CDP or use whichever existing data structures clients have in place. 

Even when data is siloed and not well organized, Tinyclues can ingest and optimize off of that data.

Tinyclues uses 1st-party data to accurately predict buying intent and then marketers can use that information to build high-propensity campaigns for any offer or set of offers and then activate.

When it comes to activation platforms and solutions, Tinyclues can easily plug into those as well. If clients use a marketing cloud or activation partner across email, SMS, social, display, direct mail, and more, Tinyclues can connect to those for multi-channel optimized targeting. 

The result is clients have a scalable layer of intelligent audience building that fits within their existing stack. Because of the effectiveness of Tinyclues’ AI and the ability to scale targeting, Tinyclues simply drives more revenue than other solutions that claim to also predict intent. 

“They cleanly fit into a user’s existing tech stack with minimal implementation and provide fast time to value by improving campaign performance almost instantly,” according to Forrester Principal Analyst Joe Stanhope.

Tinyclues will only continue to punch harder

Our core focus is always on helping our clients deliver more ROI and creating excellent experiences for customers. As the company continues to expand in the US, Tinyclues is working hard to continue to build upon its technology. Examples include:

  • Improvements to our UI that will make it even easier (and it’s already pretty darn easy) for our clients to manage fatigue across campaigns and channels. 
  • Additional capabilities to identify and unlock revenue streams by finding topics for new campaigns that can bring in even more revenue on top of customers’ existing CRM marketing plans. 
  • Evolution of our AI that will power new product launches and offer precise optimizations for even the most niche of offers.

Tinyclues is thrilled to be included in Business Insider’s list of the 15 most promising advertising & media start ups and looks forward to continuing to innovate so clients can bring in more revenue by putting their customers first. 

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