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Marketers Talk Customer Marketing & AI at Tinyworld 2019

Read about the top insights from Tinyworld 2019, where retail & travel marketing leaders came together for a day to discuss AI & customer marketing.

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July 24, 2019

250 marketing leaders and campaign experts came together for a day of learning, networking, and lunching at Tinyworld 2019, Tinyclues’ second global user conference. A mix of panels, client testimonials and workshops gave marketers a fresh opportunity to connect with peers, learn about new features & use cases, and discuss best practices in customer marketing.

AI-Augmented Customer Marketing

Tinyworld kicked things off with a look at the latest trends in AI for marketing. In his opening keynote, Tinyclues CEO David Bessis set the day’s tone with some salient insights about the role of AI as a complement to human intelligence, telling the room that “AI will augment marketing, and marketers will continue to run the show”. In the same way that self-driving cars won’t be the norm anytime soon, marketing is too complex to be automated based on AI; machines can’t process what’s not in the database. David reaffirmed Tinyclues’ vision: to augment marketer capabilities with AI in order to reconcile business needs and customer engagement. 

Since deep learning, the form of AI at the core of Tinyclues’ technology, is all about mimicking the brain, we invited cognitive neuroscientist Tali Sharot to explain how the mind works, and explore the nature of influence. Dr. Sharot gave a fascinating talk about the power of stories to influence Tali Sharot Tinyworldopinion, and the positive ways to change human behavior – topics that naturally resonated with the roomful of marketers. She shared a multitude of interesting facts and phenomena, like the brain’s tendency to retain good news better than bad, and the significance of confirmation bias. (Stay tuned for a deep-dive into this presentation, coming soon!) 

The keynotes were followed by a client panel session where three Tinyclues customers talked to the audience about how AI has enhanced their marketing campaigns, and the impact it’s had on their business.

  • Galeries Lafayette, Europe’s #1 department store, explained how Tinyclues has taken their campaign strategy beyond purchase history, to identify new buyers they wouldn’t have found before. They stressed agility and speed of execution as key requirements that Tinyclues has successfully met, particularly for their more than 200+ partner campaigns per year. With Tinyclues, the retailer has seen +34% in online and in-store campaign revenue, +42% in number of buyers, and a 33% drop in opt-outs.
  • An international airline described how they’ve gained more agility and relevance for their campaigns, and strengthened “customer intimacy”. Tinyclues has enabled them to enrich their campaign capabilities by finding future bookers for destinations they have never visited – strategic move as 70% of travelers prefer not to go back to the same place. Since then, they’ve seen a 20% rise in customer campaign satisfaction scores, and +122% in booking rates. 
  • Educational travel organization Road Scholar explained how they achieved higher enrollment growth without over-soliciting customers. With Tinyclues campaigns, they’ve seen a 153% rise in email campaign revenue and +39% in revenue per piece on direct mail.

Tinyclues’ new CPTO, Mike Aidane, concluded the morning keynotes by sharing a sneak peek of upcoming solution features that, in keeping with Tinyclues’ vision, augment marketer capabilities. The soon to be released Audience Mapper feature will help marketers optimize their campaign plan by showing the audience overlaps between their different products in their catalog. Another upcoming feature presented will show marketers which products or offers they should promote based on their business potential.

Different industries, same campaign challenges & solutions

Tinyclues TinyworldAfter lunch in the gardens, the afternoon continued with a series of presentations and workshops, where featured speakers shared their experiences, insights and advice on using Tinyclues to meet marketing goals across multiple channels (email, SMS, Facebook ads, print…).

  • Digital marketing expert Bruno Florence discussed email deliverability trends and the impact Tinyclues can have in this area. By enabling marketers to increase open rates, click rates and decrease opt-outs and spam reports, Tinyclues is a strategic component to increase email reputation and campaign deliverability.
  • Jewelry retailer MATY discussed the challenges of modernizing its marketing and moving towards more relevant messaging across all campaign types (sale operations, product launches, partner brands, etc.). In an A/B Test for strategic brand campaigns, Tinyclues campaigns showed +17% click rate, +53% conversion rate and +56% in number of orders. In MATY’s own words: “Without Tinyclues, we would have missed more than 60% of campaign revenue during a major sale period. Tinyclues has become essential for us to send relevant campaigns with a strong impact on both online and in-store sales”
  • Travel leader TUI Belgium discussed how they’re now able to market complex destinations, niche TUI Tinyworldoffers, and brand-new partner campaigns that are bringing additional revenue and better customer experience. Rigorous A/B testing helped them convince in-house teams of Tinyclues’ added value (+237% RPM and +155% booking rate on some campaigns). TUI Belgium have also seen their customer satisfaction numbers improve: “Our customers love Tinyclues’ relevance as much as we do – our customer email sentiment score doubled on key campaigns!”
  • Oney, specialist in payment solutions, presented the results they’ve seen since going “full Tinyclues” by letting the solution optimize their campaign plan. They’ve measured increases in customer spending, engagement and retention. They’ve also optimized ROI for paid channels (SMS, direct mail, call center) and have streamlined their campaign process. Oney says that conversion rates have more than doubled with some Tinyclues campaigns – despite their uniquely complex campaign process.
  • Chantelle Lingerie talked about boosting revenue for its Darjeeling brand, while minimizing customer fatigue. They’re now able to showcase the breadth of their product catalog and find buyers for particularly niche products, thanks to more relevant campaigns. With Tinyclues, Darjeeling has measured a 94% increase in number of buyers, and across some campaigns +35% in-store revenue.

Thank you!

It was great to see so many of our clients come together and share their experience and campaign strategies. A big thank you to all our clients who took the time to present with us at this year’s edition of Tinyworld!


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