Tinyclues is now a Certified Google Cloud Partner!

Tinyclues is now listed on Google Cloud Marketplace!
Learn why this is a great news for brands.

Matt Engstrom

Head of Marketing

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October 14, 2021

Why we selected Google Cloud Platform?

GCP simply offers something other major cloud platforms don’t. And that’s dynamic flexibility.

Traditional data platforms can be challenging for SaaS companies from an integration and scaling perspective and can hinder the deployment of updates. GCP enables us to integrate better to build and offer value to our clients in ways that are more difficult on other platforms. 

Also GCP makes connecting data into marketing clouds and activation platforms seamless. We’ve explored integrations with just about every cloud capability in market and believe that GCP is not only unique in what it offers SaaS companies, but also what it offers brands. 7 of the top 10 global retail and CPG companies have elected to work with GCP for this reason.

What does the integration mean for GCP clients in terms of unlocking value with Tinyclues?

Tinyclues is above all a business solution and offers a new layer of value directly accessible to GCP clients. Tinyclues prides itself on evangelizing data science for marketers. Meaning, our powerful data science capabilities are designed for marketers to deliver more for their customers packaged through a UI that’s beautifully easy to use and built with them top of mind. 

By helping brands understand exactly what their customers want to buy, and nobody does this better, they can deliver more revenue and sell more products. Thus, Achieving their business goals through customer-first marketing. GCP clients now have even easier access to Tinyclues and we provide unique value within the GCP ecosystem that’s specifically designed for marketers. With BigQuery, marketers have all their 1st-party data sets already structured and housed within the GCP ecosystem. Being integrated with GCP means that we can easily access that data and deliver our unique value to marketers with even greater ease and velocity.

What does Tinyclues’ integration with Google mean for Google Cloud customers looking to work with Tinyclues from an implementation perspective?

Tinyclues offers quick implementation and a short runway to value. Some of our clients see significant incremental revenue gains in as little as a month and the average time to value is 40 days.

We of course can work with a wide variety of clients, and don’t require structured data within the GCP ecosystem to drive performance; However, clients working with GCP will have even easier access to Tinyclues deep learning capabilities. This also means an even quicker runway to value.

With 1st-party data sets like purchase history, browsing behavior, email logs, product catalogues and more structured in one space, Tinyclues can easily access that data, run unparalleled deep learning capabilities to predict buying intent, and build segments ready for activation across platforms.

What could Tinyclues clients using GCP expect in terms of activation capabilities?

Tinyclues outputs a ranking of customers scored on predicted intent from most to least likely to purchase each and every product in a catalogue down to the SKU level.

Marketers can easily create targeted lists to send more products, increase revenue per campaign, and find new revenue streams.

Once Tinyclues has seamlessly onboarded data ingested directly from GCP, these powerful customer-centric segments can be piped into marketing clouds and activation platforms such as Google, SalesForce, Facebook and more. It’s extremely dynamic, multi-channel, and drives revenue over and over for our clients.

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