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How does Tinyclues work with Salesforce?

Discover how to combine your valuable customer data from Salesforce with the sophisticated deep learning capabilities from Tinyclues.

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June 19, 2020

Tinyclues is part of the Salesforce AppExchange and provide added value for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud customers. By adding  Tinyclues to your Salesforce marketing and commerce stack, you can combine your valuable customer data from Salesforce with the sophisticated deep learning capabilities from Tinyclues.

What are the benefits of a combined Tinyclues/Salesforce solution? 

  • Advanced targeting: Leverage Tinyclue’s Deep Learning capabilities to leverage 100% of your data points and discover the right audiences for your products. Tinyclues provides an enhanced element for marketers to create the right audience for each campaign. 
  • Fatigue Management: Automatically detect audience conflicts and prioritize campaigns to a contact level, based on each customer’s propensity to buy a specific product. Ensure that all outbound campaigns follow global fatigue management settings 
  • Campaign orchestration: Easily manage a large amount of campaigns across several channels in one place and export your optimized audiences directly into Salesforce in a click. 
  • Improved customer experience: Ensure that your customer base has an optimal experience, thanks to targeted communications that truly interest them and a limited, but effective number of campaigns received per week.

What about the features already in Salesforce Marketing Cloud? 

Tinyclues is a complement to the Salesforce platform and acts as an intelligent extension to the features natively found in Salesforce. 


Marketing Cloud has native segmentation that allows you to build audiences based on your marketing expertise, such as demographics and prior transactions. Tinyclues extends this by:

  1. Leveraging the full spectrum of first-party data, beyond the obvious segmentations of age, gender, location, etc. Tinyclues uses Deep Learning to find the “tiny clues” in your data, to find the right audience for a specific offer. This ties together the explicit signals that marketing cloud can identify and the implicit signals that Tinyclues discovers. 
  1. Increasing the number of campaigns that can be executed in a given time frame. More campaigns to more specific audiences, with more targeted results. You can have an extremely targeted campaign (eg. a grey wooly hat) that is only sent to a select group of people – those with the highest propensity to buy. This equals less fatigue and better results. 

Campaign orchestration

Marketing Cloud provides tools for scheduling and managing your campaigns; Tinyclues provides suggestions for adding to your campaign calendar and optimizing it. Many of our customers handle the entire campaign orchestration within Tinyclues and export it to Marketing Cloud when the campaigns are ready to be executed.

In both of these cases, clients may want to balance existing practices with the new capabilities provided by Tinyclues. Many marketing clouds customers come to us because although they have a good workflow with their stack, they either: 

  1. Have reached their maximum effectiveness with current rule-based segmentation and targeting or:
  2. Wish to leapfrog current practices and adopt Tinyclues’ Deep Learning to generate the revenue lift and other improvements 

With the powerful execution and transactional capabilities of Saleforce Clouds and the Deep Learning capabilities of Tinyclues, you can create optimized campaigns that not only benefit your customers, but also your bottom line. For more information or request a demo.

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