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Tinyclues has developed a Salesforce connector API to update data in real-time and provide seamless integration. Discover how to set it up.

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June 29, 2020

Marketers work with a lot of tools—a lot of them. In fact, 23.8 on average, according to Martechtribe. We know that Tinyclues is just one of the tools in your stack that helps you get your job done effectively. This is exactly why we have partnered with Salesforce and created seamless integrations with the two leading clouds we see our customers use: Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

In Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Tinyclues audiences are available as a Data Extension.

Why did we develop this integration?

This integration makes it easy for our customers to find the information they need within both platforms. In our experience, obtaining data often involves a lengthy IT project that customers have to request and follow up on. 

APIs mean less friction with IT and ensure that data is updated in real time. Data streams are set up in the click of a button and are standardized, so that customers benefit from these streams immediately.

Since they require no manual input, APIs are also easier to maintain. And because they are dynamic, if you upgrade to a newer version of the Salesforce Marketing or Commerce Cloud, they will automatically be upgraded as well.

We know that most marketers spend a large amount of their day across several tools. You may discover topics to promote in Tinyclues, then write a test email in Marketing Cloud, then create audiences again in Tinyclues and so forth. Our main goal for this integration is to give customers a seamless experience between Tinyclues and Salesforce.

 Data required for Tinyclues

  • Product catalog
  • Purchases/orders
  • Customers
  • Email logs
  • Page view logs

 Data shared between Tinyclues and Salesforce

How to configure the Salesforce + Tinyclues connectors

Inbound (Salesforce → Tinyclues)

  • Marketing Cloud

This configuration can be directly done within Marketing Cloud. Using Automation Studio, you can easily configure a regular dump of your data to our sFTP.

Please see this PDF for step-by-step instructions on how to integrate your data logs into Tinyclues.

  • Commerce Cloud

We have specifically created a cartridge to transfer commerce data from Commerce Cloud into Tinyclues. Please contact your CSM to access this API.

Outbound ( Tinyclues → Salesforce)

  • Marketing Cloud

You can easily retrieve your Tinyclues’ audiences, which will appear in Marketing Cloud as a Data Extension.

Please see this PDF for step-by-step instructions on how to integrate audiences.

When you execute a campaign on Tinyclues, your audience is automatically pushed to Marketing Cloud. When creating a campaign, you will see Tinyclues as a Data Extension.

  • Commerce Cloud

No outbound data is transferred from Tinyclues to Commerce Cloud.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely—Tinyclues works with first-party data and our solution is built with privacy by design. We pride ourselves on protecting our customers’ data and holding our solution to the highest standards of security. Some customers even go as far as bypassing all personally identifiable information and using subscriber IDs instead.

Both connectors (Marketing and Commerce Clouds) have gone through extensive security review processes with Salesforce. All API tokens are encrypted and stored via AWS Key Management Service, the most trusted protocol on the market.

You may work with a multitude of tools, but one of the most important ones is the tool you use to contact your customers and maintain your company image. With these integrations between Tinyclues and Salesforce, you can use these tools in parallel and be assured that data flows easily across them. On one side, you ensure that you find the best audiences for your products and meet business objectives; on the other side, that you are contacting your customers effectively and maintaining these relationships.

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