Video: Hostelworld’s Global Head of Customer Experience on Promoting Strategic Products and Driving Campaign Revenue & Engagement

Video Hostelworld and Tinyclues

VP Product Marketing

October 1, 2018

In this video, Cathy Thomson, Global Head of Customer Experience shares how Hostelworld, the largest global online hostel booking platform, is driving message relevancy with campaign intelligence and deep learning. Hostelworld is an online travel agent present in 170 countries with 36,000 properties and 7.7 million customers.  They compete with some very big, broad online travel agents; so they need to differentiate their product offer, make customer experience seamless and optimize their marketing budget.

Hostelworld was promoting a large and complex variety of offers with suboptimal segment targeting based on RFM and needs/attitude segments. Their small marketing team was handling a huge amount of data and complexity. “We needed to make some of those broader based campaigns much more targeted and much more relevant; to do that in a way with deep learning that would be efficient and quick, is something that we just couldn’t physically do as a team” says Cathy Thomson on why they chose Tinyclues.

With Tinyclues, they are able to send campaigns for all their offers, including strategic offers: “Some customers really want a private room with their own suite in a hostel” explains Cathy, “with Tinyclues’ deep learning we’re now able to find who those customers are in a much more efficient way than we could before.” During tests against their previous targeting and planning methods, Hostelworld saw a +195% increase in private room campaign revenue.

“Tinyclues has tremendously increased our customer engagement” says Cathy on the business impact Tinyclues has on campaigns, “the number of people that are opening our emails, that are clicking through, the conversion rate, the revenues, the bookings that we’re seeing are all incrementally higher than they were before we used Tinyclues.”

Hostelworld is now able to better manage their marketing fatigue and saw a 28% decrease in unsubscribes during A/B tests. “The marketing fatigue factor is also much better managed; we have less people opting out, less churn in our database and through this we’re also reactivating customers that we may not have seen for a while.”

Watch the video and learn how Hostelworld is improving customer engagement and campaign revenues for strategic products.