CRM Tip #4: Discover new campaign opportunities with Insights

Learn how to make the most of Tinyclues' two main tools, the Audience Mapper and the Efficiency Map, to create relevant, targeted campaigns and limit the pressure on your customers.

Customer Success Manager

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September 17, 2021

At Tinyclues, we are committed to addressing the daily challenges of CRM managers. 

Who among you has never wondered how best to orchestrate your CRM campaigns? Which offers to push? And when to push them?? All while trying to avoid message saturation and customer fatigue….? 

Tinyclues offers a turnkey solution to help you find answers to these questions and more. Discover the Audience Mapper and the Efficiency Map and their potential when used together.

These features provide a dynamic, strategic view of where your offerings meet your customers, making it easier to answer questions like:

  • How compatible are your offerings?
  • How should you prioritize incoming requests in your organization?
  • How can you detect untapped opportunities with high potential?

Let’s take a closer look at the two main Insights features of Tinyclues: the Audience Mapper and the Efficiency Map.

What is the Audience Mapper?

The Audience Mapper is a decision support tool from Tinyclues that allows you to optimize your campaign planning by visualizing your customers’ affinity for and potential receptiveness toward your offers. 

With this feature, you can:

  • Verify that your campaign topics won’t be reaching the same audiences: indeed, if two products appeal to very similar audiences, you risk over-soliciting customers by sending a campaign for each product. This feature therefore allows you to plan your campaigns in the best possible way for both your business and your customers. For example, you could create campaigns presenting complementary products and avoid potential conflicts between your offers.
  • Integrate additional campaigns into your campaign plan by identifying untapped opportunities to communicate with your audiences: for example, two products with different audiences represent an opportunity to add new topics to your campaign plan without putting too much pressure on the same customers.

How to read the Audience Mapper

The Audience Mapper matrix shows the level of audience affinity between several products or offers within a given dimension of your catalog. The warmer the color, the more similar the audience will be between two offers. The cooler the color, the more different the audience is.

By hovering over the matrix, the details of the overlap are displayed.

Audience Mapper Tinyclues

What is the Efficiency Map?

The Efficiency Map is a decision support tool whose objective is to allow you to analyze the potential of your offers so that you can take informed action to improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

The Efficiency Map allows you to better identify which offers your customers will actually respond to, therefore boosting engagement – and your revenue 💰

With the Efficiency Map, you can:

  • Identify revenue-generating offers
  • Distinguish between popular topics, which are of interest to the largest number of people and for which the sales potential is spread over your entire base, and segmenting topics, for which your sales potential is concentrated on only a part of your base (5%, 10%, 25%, etc)
  • Activate your offers in an optimal way by determining the right channel and the right communication strategy to boost your bottom line

How to read the Efficiency Map

The indicators on the Efficiency Map are:

  1. The turnover generated by each product in your catalog
  2. The efficiency index
  3. The supply trend (upward, downward)

Deciphering the Efficiency Map interface on Tinyclues is pretty simple!

The larger the block, the more sales the product has generated in the last 30 days. The darker the block, the more segmenting (i.e., has less broad appeal) the product is. So a purple block means that most of the revenue generated on this topic can be concentrated on a small part of your base, identified by Tinyclues.

Efficiency Map Tinyclues

These two features alone are very instructive, but our advice is to couple their use to perfect the orchestration of your CRM campaigns.

Identify high potential offers while limiting conflicts between your offers

Using both the Audience Mapper and the Efficiency Map, you will be able to prepare an effective schedule and better control your sales pressure. A marketer’s dream! 

Let’s take an example: during the week of Black Friday, you have five targeted campaign slots to send. So you may be wondering which products or categories you should push, while applying a strict sales pressure rule.

On the Efficiency Map, you can identify at a glance your five high-potential offers to push.

You can then use the Audience Mapper to optimize your campaign planning by avoiding both topics with too much overlap as well as those with wildly different audiences. Put simply, you won’t risk fatiguing your audience or including incompatible offers within a single touchpoint. A clear view of these overlaps makes it easier than ever to organize your communications and build the most effective plan possible.

This concludes our series on how to use Tinyclues’ tools to improve your CRM strategy. 

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And don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about how Tinyclues can help you optimize the efficiency of your CRM!

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