Why it’s cool to be named by Gartner as a ‘Cool Vendor’ in Multichannel Marketing 2018

Gartner Cool Vendor

Customer Experience Director

June 8, 2018

Gartner, every so often, selects a few vendors in the tech or business space that are innovative and impactful; these vendors enable users to do things they couldn’t do before, and have an impact on business and not just technology. This selection is named in the Cool Vendor report.

For the first time ever, Gartner has selected Cool Vendors in Multichannel Marketing, and we are excited to have been named in this report! For Gartner, “This Cool Vendors research can point you toward emerging providers and functionality that breathe new life into mature marketing technology categories and offer a fresh take on core multichannel marketing challenges. (1)”

For us, the Cool Vendors in Multichannel Marketing report offers key findings and recommendations for marketers who want to advance their marketing and business goals as they look to grow revenue and improve organizational efficiencies.

Many companies have been running campaigns in multiple channels for decades.”, notes the report. “More sophisticated strategies and technologies remain works in progress, including:

  • Expanding access to cross-channel customer data and analytics to inform and deepen segmentation and persona development efforts
  • Sharing engagement data from one channel to enhance personalization efforts in another
  • Improving the orchestration of relevant channels

Without focusing on these more sophisticated approaches and innovative tools that enable them, multichannel marketing efforts run the risk of stalling

Cool vendors in multichannel marketing are emerging solutions that will disrupt the market as it is today. At Tinyclues, we believe that leveraging deep learning to build a campaign intelligence solution will bring marketers the spark needed to reignite marketing campaign performance. We’re excited to offer a unique AI-first Campaign experience where marketers directly input their campaign ideas and goals and, within minutes, build the best action plan.

Our customers are reinventing the way they create, target and orchestrate multi-channel campaigns across channels like email, push notifications, SMS, call-center, direct mail and Facebook ads. What about the business impact? They are all driving more customer engagement and on average have measured an increase in campaign revenue of +49%, on top of being able to be more creative and leverage more strategic use cases.

This announcement follows a number of big recent announcements for Tinyclues including our selection as a Vendor to Watch in the 2017 Digital Marketing Analytics Magic Quadrant (2), our recent Series B funding, and a number of really great Success Stories from our clients. We’re excited to be among other companies previously distinguished as “cool”, like Dropbox, Evernote, Cloudera, and Instagram, and we look forward to disrupting the Multichannel Marketing landscape!

Download a copy of the Cool Vendor report in Multichannel Marketing


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(2) Gartner Inc., Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics, Martin Kihn, Christi Eubanks, Lizzy Foo Kune, 04 October 2017.