Data-Hungry Brands Win at Forrester’s Consumer Marketing 2019

Forrester Consumer Marketing 2019

VP Customer Experience

April 18, 2019

At Forrester’s Consumer Marketing 2019 event in April, analysts and featured speakers explored how brands using direct-to-consumer (DTC) business models are reaping the benefits of intimate, one-to-one relationships with customers.

The emerging theme throughout keynotes and breakout sessions was that “challenger” DTC brands gathered and acted on customer data in a way that “traditional” B2C brands would be wise to learn from.

Forrester principal analyst Brandon Purcell led a breakout session, “Unearth the real competitive advantage of DTCs with customer analytics,” exploring the opportunity provided to businesses by strong customer insights strategies.

In the session, Purcell posited that companies looking to sustain financial growth need to develop a data-hungry culture that deploys customer insights throughout every facet of the business. For inspiration, traditional brands can look to challenger brands like Casper, whose Glow Light monitors user sleeping habits, or Peloton, whose machines gather a wealth of data on customers that can provide tremendous value to marketing, product development, customer service and more.

Whether brands have gathered their data through products or through CRM, where can they begin to build powerful analytics strategies like these?

According to Purcell, organizations will reap tremendous benefits by consistently applying basic and advanced analytics concepts to their data — like segmentation, clustering analysis, CLV and churn analysis, intelligent targeting and more. These tactics are fundamental to building a marketing strategy that always delivers the “next best experience” for customers.

To start on the path to a customer-insights-driven organization, answer the following questions:

  1. What are your key business objectives?
  2. What data sources do you have access to?
  3. What AI or analytics technologies make sense to you?
  4. What would an ideal solution look like in action?

Vendors advertising packaged solutions for customer analytics appear to offer a panacea for the challenges of creating a data-driven organization. But once a lengthy scoping and integration process is finally completed, many customers realize the tool can’t drive specific business goals, creates new data management workloads or can’t drive smooth customer engagement.

Tinyclues offers a lightweight, direct solution to critical business goals like improving repeat purchase, increasing campaign revenue, decreasing unsubscribe rates and more. The solution provides B2C and D2C retail and travel organizations with AI-powered campaign intelligence that delivers the best audiences for marketing messages across any channel — solving the challenges of omnichannel campaign planning and targeting.

Over 100 brands are using Tinyclues to fast track customer-insights-driven marketing — and they got started in just weeks with no IT workload, data transformations or complex integration.

With Tinyclues campaign intelligence, our clients see an average of 79% increased revenue, 51% increased customer engagement and a 19% decrease in unsubscribes.

If you’re a D2C or B2C marketer looking to adopt the analytics-driven approach described by Purcell, check out Tinyclues success stories and don’t hesitate to contact us!