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Easy targeting solution

VP Sales

January 5, 2017

Using sophisticated in-house AI algorithms, Tinyclues’ SaaS solution will boost your CRM campaigns’ profitability. But don’t let terms such as “AI” and “high performance” put you off: Tinyclues’ solution is very easy to set up and use. Without any IT intervention, discover how you can start using Tinyclues’ CRM targeting solution and launch your first campaigns within two weeks.

Fast to set up

It’s a common misconception that setting up a new IT solution is a long and arduous process. We’ve all heard the horror stories: a project that was supposed to take three months, ended up taking six to 18 months instead! Migrating a new CRM solution, launching a DMP or installing other datalakes are often a technological nightmare for all involved!

The setup of Tinyclues is simple and requires no IT input. This means you can forget about all of the tedious obstacles you might face with ordinary IT projects. Here’s an example of a typical timeline to get Tinyclues’ SaaS platform online:

  • A few hours/days for the client to export the necessary data – data that can be anonymized and encrypted.
  • A week (maximum!) for Tinyclues to configure the platform once the data has been received.
  • A few hours for the client to take the reins.
  • And it’s ready! You can now launch your first campaign.

Easy to set up

It’s often the case that IT teams, who tend to have a very busy schedule and are booked months in advance, are not involved at all in the implementation of Tinyclues. The setup is indeed very easy:

  1. Tinyclues doesn’t connect to your website or to your database. You just have to give us access to a few data flows that your existing systems or suppliers probably already have in place. What’s more, we use a quarterly subscription model and don’t handcuff you into a long-term contract, so you can opt out at any time.
  2. The exchanged data formats are really simple. We use CSV, the ultimate universal format. What’s more, Tinyclues’ solution works with raw data, so there’s no need to rename, filter, classify or consolidate any of the data.
  3. Data doesn’t have to be exchanged at the same time – or in real time. We can set up daily or weekly exchanges to update the data, which can include other sources such as Adobe or Google Analytics.
  4. Designed for marketing teams, the Tinyclues SaaS solution does not require any specific skills. You don’t need to be a statistician or a coder!

The power of predictive targeting is within your grasp. You could launch your first campaigns within 15 days and notice a huge boost straightaway. So, what are you waiting for?

Still not convinced? Request a demo to see for yourself, or calculate how much additional revenue you could generate with Tinyclues’ ROI Calculator.