OUI.sncf uses Tinyclues' Deep AI

OUI.sncf said “yes” to AI, and its campaign marketing strategy became agile, customer centric and more profitable.

Using Tinyclues, OUI.sncf’s marketers have seen major benefits such as reduced customer fatigue, increase in email campaign revenues and ability to go omnichannel.

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May 4, 2018

Newly baptized “OUI.sncf”, the travel industry leader formerly known as “Voyages.SNCF” has done more than change names and enhance its reservation platform with new features. Faced with diminishing returns from its email campaigns, the French e-commerce number one has turned to Artificial Intelligence to reinvigorate its marketing strategy, stay on track with innovation and bring new clients on board.

With campaigns that were proving unsuited to such a diverse client base, OUI.sncf wanted to improve its targeting techniques in order to reach the right customers, i.e. the future buyers, for all of its wide-ranging offers. They wanted to move away from their traditional data-science targeting methods to find new ways to engage customers and improve campaign revenues.

Tinyclues’ Deep Learning-driven campaign intelligence solution has helped the company breathe new life into its email marketing strategy. Since adopting Tinyclues, OUI.sncf’s marketers have seen major benefits:

  • Better customer experience and reduced customer fatigue
  • +115% increase in email campaign revenue
  • +49% increase in push campaign revenue
  • +60% increase in Facebook Ad campaign revenue

Learn about OUI.sncf’s full results here

Thanks to Tinyclues’ ability to detect future buyers with Deep Learning, OUI.sncf has been able to create much more effective campaigns aimed at finding the buyers in the next days after a campaign – whether or not they have expressed any intent.

The company has also optimized its complex email agenda with the help of AI-based customer fatigue capabilities; time-saving campaign overlap alerts keep marketing pressure under control from week to week, thus allowing marketers to optimize revenue while keeping customers happy.

Based on the high business and customer performance of its new email campaigns, OUI.sncf is now applying Campaign Intelligence to other communication channels (push notifications, Facebook Ads, etc.) as part of its omnichannel approach.

“Thanks to Tinyclues, we have more than doubled our revenue from marketing campaigns,” explains Clémence Bussière, Relationship Marketing Director at OUI.sncf. Matthieu Ruault, Director of Marketing Data & Performance adds ” Tinyclues helped us reinvent and optimize our marketing campaign orchestration; they are a key partner in OUI.sncf’s innovation strategy.”

Read the full story to learn more about how OUI.sncf is using cutting-edge campaign intelligence to connect the right customers to the right offers, at the right time.

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