Independent Study Confirms Transformative Business Impact of Tinyclues, 199% ROI

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VP Customer Experience

March 19, 2019

A large retailer with millions of customers and advanced relationship marketing strategies uses Tinyclues to reinvent its marketing campaigns and generate over $9 million (€8 million) in additional campaign revenue — with an ROI of 199%.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Those are just a couple of the key takeaways from a new Forrester Consulting study on the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of Tinyclues.

The study confirms that marketing leaders are discovering new levels of performance by using Tinyclues to identify future buyers for omnichannel campaigns built around their business goals.

“Before, we had a traditional, ‘one-to-many’ approach. Now, we are at ‘one-to-few’ and tomorrow we will be ‘one-to-one’. That’s a real game changer. We know that one of the keys for success in retail is personalization, and Tinyclues helps us in this journey.”

– Digital Marketing Director1

Forrester TEIThe impact of Tinyclues for a large retailer, as measured in a Tinyclues-commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, February 2019


“Tinyclues has changed the way we think about customer marketing.”

– Digital Marketing Director1


The retailer approached Tinyclues with goals that included increasing campaign-generated revenue and optimizing customer fatigue. According to the independent study, after implementing the Tinyclues solution, the retailer was able to:

  • Improve existing campaign targeting resulting in significant conversion and revenue lifts
  • Boost total campaign revenue by sending campaigns they were not able to target before, like new or strategic products
  • Increase trade marketing campaign performance, driving partners to spend more on these campaigns and generating a new revenue stream
  • Optimize productivity with targeting and planning that takes 5 minutes, down from 2 days
  • Improve customer fatigue management with lower opt-outs and higher lifetime value

When calculating the ROI of 199%, Forrester analyzed the costs of Tinyclues, including technology, initial setup, training and ongoing operational costs. More information can be found in the study.

The study provides comprehensive insights into the impact of Tinyclues’ solution — and we can’t say we’re surprised! Over the years, dozens of happy Tinyclues clients have shared their success stories and their great campaign revenue and customer experience results.Forrester TEI

The impact of Tinyclues, as measured by clients through hundreds of A/B tests against their original targeting and planning methods


To learn more about how you can use Tinyclues’ unique targeting and planning experience to supercharge your marketing campaigns, download the full study conducted by Forrester Consulting.


1 The Total Economic Impact™ Of Tinyclues’ Campaign Intelligence Solution For A Large Retailer, a Tinyclues-commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, February 2019