VIDEO: BazarChic’s CMDO on how the leading online fashion retailer increased their campaign revenue by 87%

Campaign management

VP Product Marketing

March 29, 2018

Julien-Henri Maurice, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer at BazarChic, discusses how the leading web & mobile-based shopping club grew marketing campaign revenue without adding to the team’s workload and without risking customer fatigue.

“I was looking for a SaaS solution that would add a layer of intelligence to our existing campaign management and execution platform. Tinyclues was a perfect fit. The solution is based on Deep AI and is tailored to marketers’ needs. It is entirely business-oriented, allowing full automation of our campaign targeting and orchestration processes.”

BazarChic put Tinyclues to the test! Within their Digital Transformation and Innovation Lab they used strict internal protocols to challenge Tinyclues’ promise of out-performing their existing targeting techniques.

Watch the video to find out how that challenge was met, as their campaign revenue increased by 87% and unsubscribes fell by 17%; discover why “Tinyclues has become a strategic partner rather than just a software supplier” and how they plan to extend their use of the AI-first campaign intelligence solution.