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CDP Report

Analysts on CDPs and Their Quest to Become More Intelligent

Simple data centralization won’t cut it anymore. Drive better business outcomes by looking outside the CDP market for intelligent (AI) solutions.

/ March 11, 2020

Video: Chantelle Lingerie talks Retail Customer Marketing Challenges & Strategy

 Boosting repurchase rates, diversifying campaign topics, showcasing the breadth of their catalog and offering the best possible experience to their clients are some of the challenges Chantelle Lingerie’s Head of CRM & their Senior CRM Manager were facing. As a multi-brand lingerie retailer and a creative studio, designing lingerie since 1876 with 6 international […]

/ December 11, 2019
Marketing Automation

Is Automation the Holy Grail of Modern Marketing?

There’s no doubt that automation has brought big value to marketers. But has automation become synonymous with modern marketing at the risk of missing out on important business priorities?

/ November 6, 2019
Forrester TEI
Trends We love Data

Independent Study Shows 632% ROI for a Large Hospitality Group Using Tinyclues

A large hospitality group uses Tinyclues to drive bookings and generate over $82 million in incremental campaign revenue.

/ September 18, 2019
Forrester Webinar
Newbie Trends

Highlights from Forrester, Tinyclues Webinar Validating ROI of AI for Moments-Based Marketing

Deliver real value by being “more predictive in terms of anticipating the customer requirement, as opposed to in a reactive way, where we’re retargeting someone after the fact.” – Forrester

/ September 12, 2019
Influence and Marketing
Newbie Trends

How understanding cognitive neuroscience can influence your marketing

A look at how the mind works and the positive ways human behavior can be influenced with Dr. Tali Sharot.

/ August 22, 2019
TInyclues Tinyworld
Newbie Trends We love Data

Marketers Talk Customer Marketing & AI at Tinyworld 2019

250 marketing leaders and campaign experts came together for a day of learning, networking, and lunching at Tinyworld 2019, Tinyclues’ second global user conference.

/ July 24, 2019
Camaieu et Tinyclues
Newbie Trends

Leading European Fashion Retailer Camaïeu Dresses for Campaign Success with AI

“With Tinyclues, we can now send relevant campaigns for any product in our catalog.”

/ May 31, 2019
Travel News Tinyclues

Why is Personalization So Hard in Travel & Hospitality?

Skift covers two top trends for the travel industry: personalization and artificial intelligence.

/ May 9, 2019
Forrester Consumer Marketing 2019

Data-Hungry Brands Win at Forrester’s Consumer Marketing 2019

Brands using direct-to-consumer (DTC) business models are reaping the benefits of intimate, one-to-one relationships with customers.

/ April 18, 2019