Ardavan Beigui

VP Sales

recommendation and targeted marketing

[Infographic] Recommendation and Targeting: what is the difference?

Familiarize yourself on the differences between CRM recommendation and CRM targeting in this vibrant infographic.

/ February 9, 2017
Easy targeting solution

Start Sending Targeted Campaigns in just 15 Days!

With Tinyclues’ easy setup and install, you can start sending targeted campaigns in as little as two weeks!

/ January 5, 2017
predictive marketing solution

Predictive Marketing is NOT the Cherry on the Cake

A predictive marketing solution isn’t just the cherry on the marketing cake – it’s actually one of the key ingredients.

/ December 21, 2016
We love Data

CRM Campaigns: Going Further than the Unsubscribe Rate

The most common way for marketers to monitor the erosion of their customer database is via the unsubscribe rate. However this rate isn’t always related to performance alone.

/ October 5, 2016
Misconceptions marketing campaigns

7 Clichés About CRM Targeting

Some email marketing myths die hard. It’s time to shed light on seven common target marketing clichés.

/ October 5, 2016